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Thank you for visiting our website and for joining in the fun of lighting up at Christmas. This is our 12th Christmas helping people find Christmas lights to see.

Welcome to our sharing page, where we let you – our watchers and followers, know about companies and individuals supporting our mission, and where you will find links to marketing and other places you can follow us. We will also share any other exciting news or events that the Light Up Christmas team are doing.

28 Nov - Not quite December, but Christmas is just around the corner, and the website is finally live for 2020. Plenty of people are putting up their Christmas decorations. Remember to list your house here after you've put up the lights!

2 Dec - We've already reached 50 listings. Keep adding those Christmas lights.

11 Dec - The 100th listing got added today! Keep it up.

13 Dec - It's only taken another 2 days to bump up the numbers to 150+ listings on the website. Thank you for adding them all to the website.

19 Dec - And now we've reached 200 listings. Woohoo!

25 Dec - Merry Christmas!

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